Greetings and salutations!

Aura Quotidian is an avant garde lifestyle blog and community open to all. I attribute it to my love of esoteric things, and never ending fascination with olfaction, better known as our sense of smell.

Olfaction is the most powerful of all of our senses. It’s also beyond mysterious… Not a day goes by that I don’t discover something utterly mind blowing about it!

Our everyday life is influenced by its enigmatic ways. Sometimes beyond reason. Our thought, mood and behavior can suddenly shift between inhales with the magical waft of a single scent in the breeze! This awareness instilled within me an unwavering sense of curiosity. And drew me to urban gardening, perfumery and candle-making at a young age.

A lifelong lover of rituals, and a self-proclaimed alchemist wannabe, Aura Quotidian is a candid outlet where I share my researched findings and opinions.


Halima Haider

Founder & Editor-in-Cheif 

Halima is a published writer and journalist and the founder of Darling Anaïs. Hailing from NYC, she is currently based in Los Angeles.

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