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Why You Should Care About the Hot Honey Strawberry Rose Moon

First things first, what exactly is a “Hot” “Honey” “Strawberry” “Rose” Moon? One might naturally pause and wonder amidst all the hullabaloo surrounding it. And why does it have an army of monikers to convince us of its aim? Also a legitimate concern. Will this moon shape-shift into a strawberry

3 Rare Fragrance Oils and Their Astonishing Benefits (continued)

Scent holds powerful sway over us. Be it pleasurable aromas we purposely invite into our ecosystems, or indirect, secondary smells that fill the world around us. Without a doubt, the fragrances that waft into our olfactory system exit having manipulated our thought, feeling and behavior. Sometimes without us even realizing!

3 Rare Fragrance Oils and Their Astonishing Benefits

Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed my last post on how to choose wellness boosting scented candles. And if you’re new to my blog my name is Halima –– [hat tip]! I am a writer, journalist and candle designer. I have an honors degree in Media Studies and Journalism from Hunter College

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